Introducing: Reconnect to Reignite
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Reconnect to Reignite Self-Explorative Programme
What You Will Learn From This Programme:

Module #1
Self-awareness is the first step towards understanding what, who and how things impact your daily choices and behaviours. It is OK to feel various emotions, lean into them and come to know them as your guides towards what you desire. 

Module #2
Energy Awareness
Becoming aware of your energy means taking back control and understanding what is serving you powerfully and what is not.
Letting go of things that drain you is a powerful tool when it comes to freeing up mental and emotional space. 

Module #3
Core Values
Your values are what make you, you! 
Reconnecting with them ensures that every day you stand by what is true to you.
Values support your choices and encourage you to trust every step you take towards a desired goal.

Module #4
Knowing the things you want in life means you have something to work towards from the moment you wake up. A vision is yours to have fun with, understanding anything is possible if it is what you truly desire.

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