Programmes | Your Journey Begins
You have the power to choose the next step of your journey. Now is the time to Discover, Reconnect, Explore and Transform.
Discover|Introductory Call
Let’s get to know each other through this powerful Life Discovery Call and see if our paths were destined to cross.

Who are you and who am I?
What is life coaching?
How does life coaching work?
Benefits of having a life coach?
Is coaching right for you?

Call Includes:

30 minutes, powerful conversation via Zoom
Follow up email to stay connected

What to expect:

The start of any journey is built on trust and understanding. Together we will learn and discuss the power of a coaching partnership. This is an opportunity to be curious and to become aware of the endless possibilities when it comes to moving forward.
Reconnect with yourself, others and your surroundings and reignite the passion within you. 

Do you wake up empowered by the endless opportunities the day holds yet, find yourself lacking motivation to get started?

Are you aware that you have some unhealthy habits that are stopping you from committing to your goals and looking to turn them into healthy behaviours?

Have you found yourself distracted yet, unclear what exactly is blocking you from feeling focused and free?

Programme Includes:

4x self-exploratory, pre-recorded videos providing you with a holistic outlook on key areas of your life whilst bringing awareness to the imbalances you may be experiencing.

Approximately 4 hours of self-exploration. Times may vary.

Access to the Reconnect to Reignite community group where together, you will have the opportunity to share, discuss and explore your inspiring insights.

Live Q&A through the community to ask questions regarding your journey.

This programme is for you if:

You wake up ready to take on all that the world has in store for you. You know you have the power within to achieve all your tasks whilst embracing all that you love yet, there is something holding you back and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

The morning arrives, you begin to curl up in your covers, grateful yet unmotivated to get started. Your phone insight, you begin to question whether scrolling through social media and emails is a good idea, that voice inside your head says “why not? You are technically working, it won't hurt.”

Emails checked, you now have to act however, you are left feeling deflated that 30 minutes has passed and you had promised yourself some quality YOU time. Sat at your desk you remind yourself you are stronger than this repetitive cycle of unhealthy habits promising that tomorrow you will begin your new, empowering routine.

You are ready to reconnect with the basics of self-care and self-love whilst accessing what your truest desires are.

Explore | Group
Do you find yourself searching for ways to understand your emotions?

Are you looking to gain clarity around potential life barriers?

Have you tried various self-help or therapeutic practices but ready to try something new?

Programme Includes:

2x2 hour, weekly, live sessions where you will join like minded individuals to explore your reality.

Through visualisation, self-discovery, emotional mapping, and powerful meditations unravel, let go and move forward towards desired goals. 

Receive empowering tools / techniques that you will keep for a lifetime.

This programme is for you if:

You are ready to grab your virtual walking boots and backpack to take on the adventure ahead.

Imagine this...
You slip on your walking boots and head out for the day, your bag feels heavy and uncomfortable. You tighten the straps, tell yourself ‘it’s nothing,’ all whilst placing a smile on your face ready to explore the scenery around you.

Your thoughts begin to speak aloud, your bag begins to irritate; you place your bag on the floor and sit, observing the first stop of the day. Thoughts come and go, you begin to hear the message it is trying to share however, before it has time to reveal itself you jump up and continue exploring.

Your bag now feels a little different, your environment shifting and new feelings begin to arise. Throughout the day you find new spots to stop at, creating space to think. Your bag becomes less and less of a burden.

You realise you have been hard on yourself, that you have the power to change the reality you were adamant you could not when you first started your day of exploring.

As you enter the front door of your house, taking off your bag and boots your emotional awareness has reignited your passion for life, the love for yourself and the abilities you have within to change or let go of what no longer serves you powerfully.

Transform | One to One
Do you have a goal or dream you are ready to achieve?

Are you ready to reconnect with your authentic, truest self?

Do you see the end goal but can’t quite see the journey you need to take to get there?

Programme Includes:

12, bi-weekly, video coaching containers where you will reconnect with your truest self and find balance in your every day.

Receive homeplay’s which will challenge you to reignite your passions and drive to achieve your goals.

We will have contact throughout to inspire and guide you through those moments of uneasiness.

Receive empowering tools / techniques that you will keep for a lifetime.

A personalised gift to celebrate your awesomeness.

This programme is for you if:

You are beginning to realise what areas of your life are being suppressed or controlled by your current life reality. ​You just can’t quite put your finger on what is missing, you know there is something yet, your mind sends you off on an imaginary adventure of unhealthy distractions unsure of who or what to turn to.

Your energy levels are like a roller coaster, time disappears in an instant and you question how you are going to get all your daily tasks done; losing focus on your bigger picture. Your drive, focus and creativity to reach desired goals have been halted however, now you are ready to express and explore what makes you feel whole, to gain clarity and thrive.

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